Star Formation and Hydrogen Burning In Single Star

  1. Electromagnetic force → This force acts on electrically charged particles like protons and electrons.
  2. Strong nuclear force → It is the small scale force and acts on the atomic scale. It is the strongest of all other forces of nature. This binds the proton and neutron together in the nucleus.
  3. Weak nuclear force → It is also a short-range force but, unlike strong nuclear force, acts on the small mass particles rather than that of heavy mass. For example, photons, neutrinos etc.
  4. Gravitational force → Gravity is a very large scale force but also weakest of all. It acts on the classical/planetary level.
  5. Electromagnetic and Weak force are introduced to be the outcome of the Electroweak force. Research is revitalizing intending to show the common origin of all the natural forces. This theory of common origin is known as “Grand Unified Theory(GUT)”.
  1. One of the most fundamental conservation laws, given, is the conservation of energy. The energy can be converted from the energy of directed motion to that of random motion and from or into a gravitational motion. A famous equation- E=mc2- demonstrates how even a trivial mass at high motion(here, speed of light) can create a considerable amount of energy. A daily-life example of the conversion of motion into energy is falling of chalk on the floor.
  2. Conservation of momentum energy- in the action of momentum- as the opposite or equal reaction in its opposite direction. For example, imagine that you jumped out of a boat from one point, the boat would move backwards in another direction with the same Momentum until the force of water is not considered. Therefore, P1V1=-(P2V2), thus Pnet=0.
  3. Conservation of angular momentum measures the tendency of an object of a given mass to continue to spin at a certain rate. For example, a spinning top.



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Rohan Gharate

Rohan Gharate


I am a high school student and an excellent astrophysics enthusiast